EMF Pollution - One-second test - Instant Proof of dirty & clean energy

Published in the interest of helping people to help themselves. Reversing the idea of product placement, master secrets of the universe are herein hidden within the ads! Let's reverse EMF radiation, from non-ionizing, stealing free electrons, to fully ionizing, delivering benefit! -- EMF Pollution is the worst of all pollutions. Prove it w/ the one-second energy test. Proof of dirty and clean energy. Learn at QRA.me, and other QRA sites, including Bidigitally.com, Bidigitals.com, etc.

Smart phones, so-called 'smart meters,' fuseboxes, refrigerators & freezers, battery-operated devices, and ANYTHING plugged into electricity makes YOU weak just from being near these operating devices. Prove it wherever you are, with the one-second energy test (www.QRA.me, www.BDORT.org, etc.). Remember that PROOF IS BETTER THAN BELIEF OR DISBELIEF!! Test and see. -- Accept basic truths: EMF pollution does more damage, not least because we're exposed to its weakening frequencies, its low polarity, around the clock. -- Even our beds are too close to walls, with the wiring in those walls carrying low-polarity electricity, weakening EVERY FORM OF LIFE THAT IS IN CONTACT OR EVEN CLOSE BY. Believing anyone you do not know, in this day and age, is a sign of less-developed intellect, because it seems that most everyone in business has their hand in your pocket, and, PROVABLY, do not care if it sickens or kills you.   Witness all the companies selling products with sugar, corn syrup, or even what many people erroneously believe is a core food of life: FLOUR! (Flour + water = paste, and sickens/kills 100 of 100 people who eat it... unless something comes along and kills us first. No exceptions). -- Learning to identify EMF pollution without paid experts is easy, and free, and can be done at any place or time, as long as there are two people together with at least a few working fingers. -- Whether you learn the bidigital O-ring test at www.BDORT.org (medically patented one-second energy test), or the refined version of BDORT at www.QRA.me, or many other QRA websites, the Psychology of Longevity contends that learning about EMF pollution is in the best interests of not only you, but your loved ones as well. Learn more, you're likely to live more, true enough?

FoodBoosters.com is pleased to sponsor these videos that share master secrets of YOUR universe, helping you to help yourself as naturally as possible, because defending ourselves against emf radiation is evermore vital, with the vast expanse of wireless surrounding the planet more. It's pollution, and drains brain and body and individual organs of ability to function fully and well. Supercharging does not merely cancel emf radiation - it REVERSES the polarity and directional spin of every molecule that's supercharged.
It's fast, easy, and now affordable. When you & your family instantly see how weak our various organs & glands get just from being near to electricity/cellphones, etc, you can then make more-informed decisions about how YOU fight back against electrical radiation and EMF pollution.

LESS TALKING, MORE DOING:   We can talk all day, pretending we know more than we do, or we can close mouth and hold thumb & finger tightly as someone else gently, firmly pries them apart (NO PULLING - THAT IS INACCURATE MUSCLE-TESTING!!!).... just enough to see how much effort it takes. You can learn more at Torroids.com, Megabeams.com, FoodBoosters.com, QVials.com

More important than any advertising for supercharged products and devices that reverse all electrical pollution is the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of you and your family learning more and knowing more about the toxic effects of EMF pollution on mammals, food, clothing, and more. Learn more, to live more!

With love from FoodBoosters.com, fighting back against electrical pollution by defending our health & energy. Reverse YOUR EMF pollution instantly, naturally, with supercharging

Electrical Pollution - EMF - Fast Fix - Best Energy Devices - Cellphones


EMF is the single worst, most persistently (and perniciously) damaging form of pollution that we're regularly exposed to.
The EMF (aka 'emf') radiation pouring out of our cellphones and SmartMeters, fuseboxes and refrigerators, computers and battery-operated devices of every stripe.
1st, learn the one-second energy test that works every time, at www.QRA.me or many other QRA websites.
2) Learn more about electrical pollution, and what emf radiation does to mammals, including you.
3) Google "190 scientists" or "190 scientists appeal to UN" -- In May of 2015, 190 published scientists from around the world appealed to the UN to immediately begin addressing the damages and threats of EMF pollution to human and animal health.
Unlike air pollution, water pollution, even chemical pollution, you will find that electrical pollution, delivered through electromagnetic frequencies, IS DAMAGING THE BODY AROUND THE CLOCK!
We're surrounded by wires in bedroom walls, and cell towers, and cellphones that effectively operate as mini-celltowers.. and more.
Want to see how much electricity weakens us just from being near?
Pinch the power cord of any operating device, including your computer or TV or refrigerator, or even simply POINT your first fingertip at your refrigerator or fusebox.
When you do this, you are no longer able to hold your other hand's thumb and finger tightly (as someone gently, firmly pries them before and during this test)
That's right: Even professional athletes are unable to hold their thumb & finger tightly. Electricity is low-polarity, its molecules spin slowly, and try to steal every possible free electron.
Thus, everything living that comes close to electricity will test strong, YOUR TEST, 100x of 100x... until you reverse the emf electrical pollution with supercharging: easy-to-use devices, such as Torroids, Qvials, FoodBoosters, and the world's first supercharged cold laser.
Bottom line: Learn more, that you might live more...
... because the more we learn, the wiser our decisions tend to be.

Master Secrets of the Universe For Longevity - FoodBoosters - Master Secrets Of The Universe 2-50
Of COURSE there are master secrets of the universe, they are routinely used by those we universally agree are masters of the universe. The shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. http://www.QRA.me is a great example. it's totally free!
The more you learn, the smarter your decisions tend to be.
The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are here to help you to help yourself, naturally, powerfully, effectively, using the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires... genuine master secrets of the universe.
(Quick example of what we mean by genuine master secrets of the universe): Eating a half-dozen or so raw almonds - chewing them to liquid - reduces the glycemic index of anything you're about to eat, including particularly toxic sugar items.
There are MANY master secrets of the universe, and the sooner you master them, the sooner you begin to master YOUR universe.
Brought to you by http://www.FoodBoosters.com, sharing more master secrets of the universe.

Why You Get Hungry - Most Amazing Info Videos - Boosting Energy In Food https://youtu.be/MocSPUDQUss

Master Secrets Of The Universe. Did you ever consider that you rarely do strenuous work, yet get hungry 3x per day?
Psychology of Longevity shares more of the master secrets of the universe. When you refer to "most amazing info," be sure to include these juicy gems, and facts about FoodBoosters, and supercharged cold lasers ( http://www.superchargedlasers.com ) QVials, at http://www.qvials.com, EnergyVials at http://www.energyvials.com, and plenty more
In short, the more we learn, the better our decisions tend to be.
FoodBoosters may be the single greatest leap forward in food... ever, since it makes EVERY food not only free of EMF pollution that makes it test weak (by BDORT testing or refractometer, or QRA, even reflexology or kinesiology), it also adds more energy into the food.
No need to believe a word. Test it with a one-second bidigital test (learn at http://www.QRA.me)
Everything single living thing, no exceptions, that comes near to electricity, is instantly blanketed with electrical frequencies that weaken EVERYTHING alive.
From thryoid and parathryoid to every bit of food and drink, they all test weaker (by QRA)
FoodBoosters not only reverses ALL electrical pollution, allowing the food's energy out, it also provides a boost to every organ or gland when you touch it to your GV20 point.
Supercharge all of your food, and look to see how much more you get out of less food. Please, not a word of agreement or disagreement until AFTER you do a 1-second QRA test. Your opinion (as for all of us) has ZERO value without knowledge and experience.
Find those who do it best. Imitate them. THEN innovate with your experience and knowledge.
When we boost the energy of our foods and beverages, we increase the nutrition we receive, and certainly boost our own energy. FoodBoosters boosts energy in food in 1 to 5 seconds, that's it!
When we get more energy from our food that has been boosted, there is a near-immediate reduction in food requirements. Most people (above 80%) report reducing their food intake... not in a few months, rather, IN THEIR FIRST WEEK!
Learn the one-second bidigital test that allows you to test the energy of anything and everything. See www.qra.me for instant lesson, compliments of the Psychology of Longevity.
Supercharged rare earth minerals and supercharged cold lasers, the world's first, and most effective energy laser in existence, are the gift of a lifetime, to last a lifetime. Visit http://www.FoodBoosters.com

Get More Energy From Food - Master Secrets Of The Universe - More Energy

Getting more energy from food is a master secret of the universe. Learn about food, energy, nutrition, and foodboosters, from the Psychology of Longevity.
The more you learn, the better your decisions tend to be. Once again, the Psychology of Longevity delivers the best information on earth.
It is vitally important for you to learn the bidigital test, a one-second test that allows YOU to test the energy anything you can see or touch. You can learn the bidigital test at www.QRA.me or any number of other QRA websites.
Boosting your energy - NATURALLY - with foodboosters is one of many master secrets of the universe that can make all the difference in the world.
Learn more, so you can live more. Get more energy from food, naturally, which means needing less food to maintain high energy. Boost your energy by knowing how.
You cannot learn less about anything. Learn more so you can live more!
Comments and questions are welcomed, the goal is for EVERYONE to learn more... .. and for each of us to get more energy from every food and beverage, naturally, with foodboosters.
This one hidden master secret of the universe will prove to be one of the top 5 tools of your life, hands down, no maybe's about it: Invest ONE MINUTE at http://www.QRA.me learning how to test the energy of anything!
Foodboosters release the energy in food, both reversing EMF pollution and infusing energy frequencies proven to benefit mammalian organs & glands. Get more energy from every food and drink with FoodBoosters... built for many lifetimes.
Learning more about energy and nutrition in food helps us to make much wiser decisions about food and life, true enough? Thus, the following suggestion, simple, and powerful.
LEARN MORE... even a few facts per day about food, energy, nutrition, and how to apply the master secrets of the universe (IE: www.Shapetalk.com, www.Shapetalks.com, www.Shapetalks.info, and many more), so that YOU can live stronger for longer. Learn 3 new facts per day about any specific part of nutrition or food or boosting energy in your food, and see how much more than most all other humans you will know in a hundred days or less. No need to believe it, or to buy anything. Less talking, more doing, 100 days of learning 3 new facts per day. THAT'S your Psychology of Shortcuts
With love from http://www.FoodBoosters.com and http://SuperchargedLasers.com sharing more master secrets of the universe, including the necessity to reverse electrical pollution into energetic benefit, instantly provable.

Get More Energy - Amazing Facts We All Need - FoodBoosters - More Food Energy Food - Nutrition

Delivering the best and most advanced information in the world, the Psychology of Longevity introduces you to facts that we ALL need to know. These should certainly grab your attention.
These are master secrets of the universe, as you can see, and each is subject to YOUR high-speed proof. You have so much to learn, and the Psychology of Longevity exists to help you to help yourself, putting YOU into the best possible position to help the helpless.
Your energy levels are obviously and comprehensively tied to how well you do at anything. That includes enjoying better health decade after decade. Starting today makes all the difference, doesn't it? Let's see some evidence that can match what you learn in this energy video from FoodBoosters.com
Go to www.QRA.me or many other QRA expert websites and learn the ONE-SECOND test.
Yes, in one second, you and a friend, family members, professional associate, basically anyone with a thumb and finger that work reasonably well, can do this test on food, clothing, houses, PHOTOS OF HOUSES ON THE INTERNET, beverages, eyeglasses, people in general, specific organs, glands, tissues, and, among its sweetest features, no need to believe!!! Instant proof.
ASSUREDLY there will be naysayers. They are the people who are never, ever, ever at the top of their own personal ladder, because people who rise and win encourage others, and look for proof rather than opinion.
Take control of YOUR energy. Raise your energy levels by getting more energy and higher level of nutrition from your foods.... so that you need less food!
ANOTHER blockbuster, unprecedented energy device, once again at a fraction of its value, to boost YOUR energy by raising the energy in all food and drinks.
Start with 2 basics:
1) When you get more energy from food, you need less food. This is enormous for longevity:
Benjamin Franklin said "The less you eat, the longer you live." ---- The Psychology of Longevity emends that to, "The less you eat, the stronger you live."
2) The energy in everything can be instantly measured by YOU and someone helping you.
The test takes about a minute to learn (kids and old people tend to learn it faster). QRA.me is one of many sites you can learn it at. Of COURSE it's free, you deserve it.
Promote better energy with FoodBoosters. Everything they touch is guaranteed to test stronger by Briggs Meter or QRA, or BDORT, or CRA, or even kinisiology, the least proven of these five test approaches.
Most importantly, the Psychology of Longevity urges you to learn more so that you can live more... naturally.
As always, the most exciting information in the world, from the inventors of the world's first supercharged cold laser, QVials, EnergyVials and EnergyTape, Megaphotons, and more. Learn, learn (it also helps you to earn, earn!)
The best way to avoid having to believe others is to imitate the people doing it best, then adding your own perspective, experience, wisdom, knowledge, info, etc.
Learn more, so you can live more...... and perhaps give more.
FoodBoosters do it with more energy. That energy may be your greatest nutrition.

Master Secrets of the Universe For Longevity - FoodBoosters https://youtu.be/KsVf15LNfCM

Of COURSE there are master secrets of the universe, they are routinely used by those we universally agree are masters of the universe. The shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. http://www.QRA.me is a great example. it's totally free!
The more you learn, the smarter your decisions tend to be.
The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are here to help you to help yourself, naturally, powerfully, effectively, using the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires... genuine master secrets of the universe.
(Quick example of what we mean by genuine master secrets of the universe): Eating a half-dozen or so raw almonds - chewing them to liquid - reduces the glycemic index of anything you're about to eat, including particularly toxic sugar items.
There are MANY master secrets of the universe, and the sooner you master them, the sooner you begin to master YOUR universe.
Brought to you by http://www.FoodBoosters.com, sharing more master secrets of the universe.

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Total Winning With Universal Shortcuts and QRA Via Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts
Where Psychology of Longevity focuses on health quality, Psychology of Shortcuts stimulates self-empowerment for success

QRA.me       Shapelinks.com       Shapetalks.info       Boostables.com       TotalWinning.com       UniversalShortcuts.com

Each of these energy and success sites, part of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity,
exist to help you to help yourself. You can find THOUSANDS of MisterShortcut self-help, self-health sites.

What you know will always play a distant second fiddle to what you DO with what you know. Speak less, do more.

For starters, QRA is the most accurate energy test of your lifetime, worth more than million-dollar machines.

In fact, you'll find that it's not even close: Even the bilirubin test for liver is behind QRA testing.
Whether you consult with QRA practitioners, or get trained to be a QRA practitioner yourself,
make no mistake: QRA is the most accurate test, passes double-blind, & works every time.
Shhh. Much less talking. You're quick to form opinions, despite your lack of excellence!
If you have not participated in the one-second test, then your opinion means naught.
Only people who have mastered something have the right to express an opinion!
No, not social opinions, scientific opinions: Those who show, obviously know.
Less talking, more doing, and learn how to do the one-second energy test.
It proves a cornerstone of YOUR Psychology of Longevity.

QRA.name     QuantumReflexAnalysis.com     Bidigitals.com

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Healthiest.ws     Healthiest-Website.net     HealthiestWebsite.com     HealthiestWebsites.com

Distressingly few of us have our health under any real kind of balance or good portent for our personal longevity.
The purpose of the Psychology of Longevity is to share the best methods of helping you to help yourself, naturally.

When you have got your health under control, or boosted nicely (or nearly so), you might wish to address success.
Using universal shortcuts is among the fastest, most powerful ways to accelerate development of your mastery.
Total winning does not occur by accident, only by intention. That's where the universal shortcuts come in.
Learn more, and you are likely to live more. Universal shortcuts DO lead to total winning, as you'll see.

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Along with the healthy powers inherent and available within your Psychology of Longevity approach to life,
there will be, inevitably, desires for some measure of material success. Ergo, the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Combining Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts, winning results!

Never underestimate the power of universal shortcuts. Look the people who engage in total winning.
With nary an exception, you'll observe them to be using the same shortcuts used for CENTURIES!!
Yes, modern-day creativity, innovation and, of course, technology, augment the best shortcuts.
Still, at the core of all total winning, we see the same universal shortcuts being employed.
Make today more exciting. When we look for shortcuts that universally apply, 'Jackpot!'

No one wins by accident, not in respect of TOTAL winning, meaning a repeated habit.
When you focus your mind on less and less, removing distractions for more stringent focus,
your performance is instantly enhanced, promoting and promulgating immediately boost in yield.
You CAN break your own records, and it gets much easier when you imitate those who're doing better.
Who does it best proves they know it best... and you will that universal shortcuts are part of their approach.

Go ahead! Make a habit of using both hands, asking more people more times each for a 'Yes!"
Make it your routine habit to smile more and look directly into people's eyes when you speak.
Stop asking people yes or no questions, that's silly, and self-defeating before you even begin.
Better to offer choices: 'Would you prefer this... or that?' No need to believe this, just practice!

Jump in to YOUR best states of mind. Total winning is yours, with universal shortcuts
The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity do not share mere opinions:

They share the universal shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
Where the Psychology of Shortcuts focuses on shortcuts for success in all human endeavors,
the Psychology of Longevity narrows down to factors of the wealth existing in good health.
Thus are you highly urged to engage YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, for life.

No one can repeat a demonstration of excellence by accident, since excellence cannot be achieved accidentally.
Even the smallest of steps, repeated with an eye towards improving by even one percent, equals YOUR mastery.

Universal Truths and Shortcuts - It's YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity

From mentalisms and megatruths, to boostables and universal truths, total winning is achieved by goal-focused intention.
MisterShortcut invites YOU to develop your own mastery of your own Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.

Masters and Millionaires Success Shortcuts                                    Always remember 911day

Succeeding At Success Psychology of Shortcuts Style

Find more within yourself, and so many assets you have access to.
Live YOUR Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Cease forming opinions before thinking. If your opinion was right, you would be a master now.
Use of the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts virtually assures your mastery.
From today, remember to imitate masters, and THEN innovate with your knowledge and experience.
Trading just one of every ten chatty, petty minutes for ONE minute of your greatest thinking profits you.
The best opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly outdone the rest.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is a great journey of self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great